Sales Assistant
0414 879 766

Introducing Tracey, our highly experienced Senior Sales Assistant, who works tirelessly behind the scenes to assist Mark Ward and our dedicated sales team. With an extensive background in real estate spanning over 20 years across Australia, New Zealand, and various international markets, Tracey brings invaluable insights to the table.

Having personally bought and sold homes in three different countries, Tracey understands the nuances and challenges involved in real estate transactions. She empathises with clients, recognising the unfamiliar and stressful nature of the process.

As a client of the Mark Ward Property team, Tracey becomes your go-to person throughout your journey. Whether you have administrative inquiries or need clarification on paperwork, Tracey is there to provide expert guidance and support. From the moment your property is listed until the final settlement, Tracey meticulously oversees every detail, ensuring a positive and seamless experience for all involved.

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